Artist Statement - Russian Proverbs, 2018

Russian Proverbs is a satirical and politically inspired series of 14 mixed media works on canvas, which pokes fun at the questionable behavior and morality of our current White House. 
While watching the Helsinki Summit this past July and observing the performance by, and dynamic between, our current president and the Russian president, the phrase ‘one good turn deserves another’ popped into my head as an apt description of the event.  Curious about the origin of that phrase, and wondering if by chance it might be Russian (it’s not), my research yielded an unexpected and serendipitous treasure trove of Russian proverbs, dozens of which were uncannily relevant to my sentiments about our president and his administration.  So began the Russian Proverbs series.

I am continuing to explore the expressive potential of this series.
 - Ruth Sharton

Artist Statement - The Pacification of the Seven Chakras Polluted by the Seven Deadly Sins, 2019

I discovered an alignment of the Seven Deadly Sins of Western tradition, with the seven Chakras of Eastern tradition, with the seven colors of the visible color spectrum; and unified them with pacifiers stuck in the mouth of an icon to our worst instincts and to our collective shadow selves, and created this series.

The medium is acrylic and mixed media on canvas.